Saturday, February 20, 2010

Special Layouts and a freebie

I'm trying to do some catching up today on my blog. For instance, some time ago, Jennifer asked me about the font I used on this word art from February 2nd:

Caitlin for "My Day-to-Day" and
Dahling Script
for "Life"

I'm so sorry, Jennifer, that it took me way too long to get back to you!!

And another thing...
Kate Palmer sent me three of her layouts in which she used word art I had prepared. That was way back in January when she sent them, but I'm just now getting around to showing you her beautiful handiwork. Please forgive me, Kate. I LOVE these and love to see layouts any time.

Just gorgeous, Kate!
On a similar note, by now, you have probably seen KimB's newest masterpiece, which she calls Rustic Warmth. Isn't it wonderful? The earthy colors were so appealingly perfect for a layout of my niece and her minister friend (who officiated at my niece's wedding last fall).

My niece is the one who DOESN'T have pink highlights in her hair! The alphabet in the word "beautiful" is part of the Rustic Warmth kit.
And now, you've put up with my meandering thoughts today... so here's today's freebie word art for you. It reflects my mood. I'm soooooo in need of a job. I'm really down about it today, but praying about it...trying not to be too mopey. It's getting seriously tight here at home, so through today's posting, I'm giving myself a pep talk and a virtual hug. I know things are tough all over, and there are many more people looking for work than there are jobs out there, but it stinks waiting it out.
Give someone you care about a hug today, and make them feel better. :)

Blessings on your day and thanks for listening,

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Sweet Deal and a freebie

PLEASE CONSIDER picking up the WHEN word art set ($2.00) and/or the "sweet deal" set which includes two alphabets and one 10-piece word art set about K.I.D.S. ($2.00). You'll be helping me a lot. Just click on the donate button and tell me what you want.

Oh, and here's what you came for:

thanks for stopping by,

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Sweet Deal

Remember WHEN? That's the theme of the newest set of word art, which you can grab for $2. Take a look...

Now, here's the SWEET DEAL...for only two dollars ($2) more I'll add these two alphabets and the K.I.D.S. word art set. That's hard to beat!

To order, please press the DONATE button in the top right side of this blog. You'll be helping me sooooooo much if you can make a purchase ... times are indeed tough.

Best wishes to you all,

Friday, February 12, 2010

A Valentine Blessing

Thanks to my friends, Jessie Heuer, for the suggestion for today's word art!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010