Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

Today's freebie

Bet you have a gazillion pics of your little ones brushing their teeth? Okay, well, maybe it's just a few thousand. Hope you can use this to memorialize such a momentous event!

best wishes,



Thursday, July 22, 2010

God's Beautiful World freebie

God's beautiful world,
God's beautiful world;
I love God's beautiful world.
He made it for you.
He made it for me.
I love God's beautiful world.

For those of you who went to Sunday School when you were a child, these lyrics will sound familiar to you, as they are from a chorus frequently sung by young ones. Today's word art was inspired by a layout I was preparing for a scrapbook album Jessie Heuer--a sweet North Carolina friend of mine--is giving as a birthday gift for her father. [Don't tell him...it's a surprise!]

I made the layout above for the album, and used the lyric transparency from today's freebie WA. It's 3x12 inches, but can be adapted for 8.5x11 inch layouts (as shown in my layout above).

Monday, July 12, 2010

Leap of Faith freebie

Thank you more than I can say for the sweet, thoughtful comments some of you left. I REALLY needed that, and didn't realize how much. Your support is very special. :)

Here's today's gift:

I'll try to be back tomorrow...promise. :)



Thursday, July 8, 2010

July's Hope freebie mini

My color challenge entry at DSO for this month is your gift today. KimB's color choices worked well for me this time because of the mood I've been in. Things are still really really tough for us right now, and I've found myself losing all hope. I used this kit as a reminder to keep holding on...that God will provide and we can always find our hope in Him. I'm sharing this tiny bit about my situation to help explain the attitude of my kit; I'm hoping you don't see it as being too random. :) There's nothing random about the hope I'm trying to find again.

Didn't mean to sound so somber...thanks for listening.

Glad you liked seeing this New Englander expression as WA earlier this week! I've always enjoyed hearing it, so it was fun to have a chance to use it in a double meaning for myself, personally.

Have your best Thursday...

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Monday, July 5, 2010


So, June 18th really was my birthday (my last post date)...and I did feel like crying that day. Not particularly because it was my birthday, but just because of life's little "surprises" that aren't so fun. Having WAY too many of them this year so far, and I must say it's more challenging than I feel up to at the moment.

C'est la vie.

Don't mean to sound mopey there. Sorry about that!

Anyway, as a special birthday treat, that evening my younger sister and her husband took us to see the stage/musical production of WICKED. It truly was wicked awesome, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. That inspired today's freebie word art. Hope you enjoy it.

By the way, my sweet husband got my internet connections to finally work properly, so it doesn't take an hour to upload/download one thing--if at all. My frustration level was over the top, I must say. It was if I didn't have the internet at all, basically. Know some of you have been there. So I'll quit complaining about it and get back online and providing some freebies again. That's why you're really here, isn't it. ;)

And another thing, it's only recently come to my attention that 4shared keeps adding to the length of time it takes to get the "download now" button to appear. While downloading from a blog train over the weekend, I reached 383 seconds at one point...almost 6.5 minutes. That's RIDICULOUS. I will try to get a better way to get freebies to you, although I'm still jobless at the moment.

Back to why you dropped by...today's freebie:

Have a terrific Monday (a holiday for many in the U.S.).