Friday, November 12, 2010

Music to Scrap By 2...freebies

I'm so tired. And bone-weary. My brain fog hasn't lifted yet. And I promised myself I wouldn't whine.

My mom has been with us for more than a month now, on doctor-ordered bedrest. I took her back home over the past weekend, and she decided to stay because she was homesick. I worry about her, but my other siblings can help out with her back home again. They finally scheduled her surgery for after Christmas, so she has awhile to go before she can get off the "bedrest" thing. I suspect that she will try to do some of her quilting while none of us are around to remind her she shouldn't be sitting up; but it's hard to be bossy with your mom, KWIM?!

It was difficult to spend much time on the computer when my mom was here because she needed a bit more companionship and she had to eat something every couple of hours because of her diabetes, to keep everything regulated. I tried to meet her whims (all reasonable) but she had some funny cravings that kept me busy. Guess I may have spoiled her but that's okay.

It feels weird not having her here now. Sort of like having a child going to camp or something, I guess.

In between all of the coming and going and fixing and caretaking, I got to my computer and put together (eventually!) a sequel to last month's word art set: Music to Scrap By 2 is here for you today, if you'd like. It's available for free, but if you find it in your heart to donate something, I would be incredibly grateful.

Hope you like it...blessings on your day,