Monday, June 30, 2008

Great Gift from Mrs. Miles

If you like the flag pin at the top of my blog, on the right, you'll enjoy grabbing it from the oh-so-generous Mrs. Miles (Barb). She's a proud Canadian, but also made a pin for us "Yanks."

Her blog is one of my favorites to read, so catch it whenever you have time. And add her to your prayer list, because today she's got an unspoken prayer need.

Enjoy your pin!

Couldn't resist this one!

It made me LAUGH!!! And I could relate to it.
Hope it brightens your Monday!


I know how to play all too well. In fact, I do that more than I work (at home). I'm spoiled to a husband who thinks that vacuuming and dusting are his jobs and that I shouldn't have to do them. Plus, he does his own ironing and cleans out his side of the closet way more than I do!

The past weekend, I rested. And it was good. My banged-up foot still bothers me and I was way behind on sleep. And it was HOT outside. Plus, I had a new book. Need I say more? :)

Blessings on your day,


Friday, June 27, 2008

Another Set


I started this series back in February, but never got back to it. As anyone who has followed my blog knows, I LOVE words, and drive my husband crazy when I edit myself as I'm speaking, to ensure that I've used the precise word for what I mean. One of my best friends (an attorney and VP at my office) even calls me his "wordsmith," and comes to me all the time to help him say what he means.

I'm no expert, but it's just one of those quirky things about me. Which led me to start a new series of word titles that I think of as OUTBURSTS. For those layouts when a single word describes a photograph.

I have more of them in the works, but feel free to send me your suggestions. Also, if you feel inclined to make a contribution toward this and other word art pieces, please consider it. I'm still trying to pay for a camera!

Hope you can enjoy using these ... that's the whole point in creating them, to be honest. And it gives me pleasure to do something creative.

Have a great Friday,

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday Blessings

A very thoughtful Marleen M sent me this self-portrait layout she prepared using word art from awhile back. I thought it was great fun and absolutely fearless. Thanks so much, Marleen!

Her credits: Word Art- Therapy by Carol Abram Tape-Barb DerksenMusic note clipies-Leora Sanford Star in my Heart-Lilly Pie Designs

Well, here's my first complaint about the heat this summer. I've held back because it makes me sound like such a whiner, but I REALLY don't tolerate it well. Two of the walls in my office are mostly windows -- which I love -- but it does make it too warm in the summer. I know ... I know ... there are much hotter places than here in North Texas. I do know that! But I'm still HOT.

Whining session over. For now. :)

You know people, don't you, who are perennially cheerful? Downright chirpy, giddy, relentlessly happy?? Some days I just want to hit the mute button! Having said that, I admire people who have the ability to bring sunshine into the lives of others, even on the gloomiest, saddest of days. I think it's a spiritual gift, actually. For those who are genuine about it, that is.

I thought of those people when I prepared today's word art. I know many children who bring light to my world as well. Hope you can use this. And, as always, I'd love to see your work.
Thursday blessings,

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Katy Bride

Just put together a layout using Jen's (Chaos Lounge) new kit, Secret Window. It's a fabulous kit, as well as her other new one (Dear Diary). I've got dozens of new photos I can use with both kits, so it will be great fun. You can find both her new kits at Digital Candy. (fonts used: TXT Sloppy Script and Coventry Garden)

The photo is another in the series of bridal portraits I took of my nephew's fiancee -- who is now his wife. Sure makes me feel OLD! But they are so happy together it's pure job to see them. On their wedding day, we called her "Katy Bride" all day, hence, the title of the layout.

Catch ya later,

Reunions & Other Stuff

Here in the US, this is the time of year when many former students gather at their class reunions -- mostly high school reunions, I think. If you've long since moved away, going back to your hometown is bittersweet. It's a flashback to a different time, different era, different people ... yet nothing's the same.

Yesterday, in the elevator going back to my office after lunch, a young woman stepped on wearing the same outfit my older sister wore in 1972. Short-sleeve red knit top with red/white/blue/tan stripped denim trousers. The only difference was that my sister's were slightly bell-bottomed. Talk about flashbacks, instantly!

Okay, fashion always comes back around. But people don't. We always hope for the best when we know we're going to see someone from our past. Well, we hope we do, anyway -- sometimes we can't help but hope that justice has been served and all those skinny people have filled out a little more. Or that all those girls who had the BEST hair, have an out-of-date 'do now. Petty thoughts, yes. :) But, in general, we hope that everyone has done well, and that they are healthy and happy.

This quotation reminded me of those class reunions. In another sense, I can relate to this quotation, differently. In so many of my thoughts about "going home," I'm actually reliving the times of riding my bicycle all over town with my younger brothers, or catching the baseball when they needed pitching practice. I wasn't a tomboy, but I enjoyed spending time with my younger brothers because they were sooo cute! I also remember having "school" in our backyard under the mulberry tree, where the classroom "desk" was a big swing. Those poor kids -- I gave them so many spelling tests!!!!!
In the same vein, the artwork in this is more childlike. Hope you can use it anyway!

Fond memories (if we allow them) overcome any bad ones you may have. Allow yourself to cherish the good times, past, present and future.

Blessings on your day,

Monday, June 23, 2008

Hope you can find a way to use this ... I thought it could be somewhat versatile, if you think about it!!!

We Need More

We need more people to think with their hearts. The world would be a kinder place ... a peaceful place ... and people would treat people as they wanted to be treated themselves.

Sounds familiar? Thought so. We called it The Golden Rule: Luke 6:31 (NIV) "Do to others as you would have them do to you."

When people are looking for love, please don't settle for anything less than the best. Observe those whose love helps them get through all kinds of obstacles.

I didn't mean to get preachy! Just reminding everyone to be kind to one another ... and to listen to your own heart.

PLEASE SEND ME ANY LAYOUTS IN WHICH YOU USE THIS WORD ART. I'd be very interested to see if it's as versatile as I imagine it to be.

Thanks! Blessings to your Monday, all day ...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008

Teens Too

Two more pieces for you today:


Have a blessed weekend,

Perfect for Your Teens

Thursday, June 19, 2008

More New Toys

KimB has some great new toys to play with after she did some "spring cleaning" on her hard drive. She's compiled two great grab bags that are on sale for four days only. The layout above just barely touches the surface what what you will find. I just chose to go with simplicity. The hanging wire flower element is a freebie today on her blog. Great timing for me, and a terrific, generous gift from a special lady. You can find her new grab bags -- and some more of today's great releases -- on Digital
Layout credits: from Kim Broedelet's SpringCleaning Grab Bag Bundle: Tie Me, Paper Texture Overlays; Wire Flower freebie; font: CK Odd Ball.

Playing with a Full Deck

Thanks for all the special greetings yesterday. Yes, I'm doing better ... even after eating the sinfully delicious slice of cheesecake. And I was just joking about being "down" -- but not about the pesky toe thing. I don't think it's broken but my whole foot was swollen by the time I got home ... but only mildly painful. So my big birthday dinner with hubby turned out to be a small dish of macaroni and cheese (comfort food) as I elevated my foot.

My husband got me a really cool gift. It's called AmazonKindle, a portable, wireless reading device. Until recent years, I was an avid reader, and to make a long story really short, haven't had the spirit or inclination to go to bookstores. PLUS, my husband will divorce me if I purchase any more books after our last move when I had 100+ boxes of books to shuffle around!
Kindle allows me to order electronic books through Store and downloads them to the gizmo to save until I can get around to reading them, without killing any more trees to do so. Don't get me wrong -- I still love the printed word, and won't entirely cease to buy books that I want to keep to reread, especially classics. But, like with scrapbooking, I'm a "hybrid reader" now thanks to my new playtoy. [PS: It's also one more thank that needs to be recharged ... ack!!!] So far, I've read 1.5 books on it.

Thanks so much for your kind comments about the layout I prepared of my niece, Madison. I have tons of photos to work with, so will probably share more.

I will gladly share your layouts as well, if you send them to me. Please.

Thanks for always bearing with me ... particularly to the faithful dozens who leave notes for me. I appreciate it more than you know.

Until later,


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Madison's Magic

While I was away last week, I also did a photo shoot of one of my nieces -- Madison. She's a natural when it comes to posing. For this layout, I used Bonnie vanEsch's kit, "By the Moonlight," from her store at Snap-and-Scrap. She frequently uses flowers from her garden or forest walks and the natural elements are just perfect sometimes.

Birth Days & Fat Cells Always Bring Me Down

Okay, so yesterday was one of those days when I ate the wrong thing ... all day. It wasn't intentional ... just grabbing meals on the run ... at my desk ... dinner too late ... and so on.

The only reason I mention it is that when I woke up this morning -- on my birthday of all days -- I felt as if I'd also eaten my pillow, without anything to drink to wash it down. You know the feeling? All yukky, bloated, stay-in-bed-and-hide-under-the-covers ugly. I can't blame it on PMS because -- well, surgery a few years ago eliminated that issue -- so it's just one of those extra "bonuses."

I HATE when that happens. But it's particularly yukky when your birthday starts that way. And I'm supposed to have special meals with dessert all day today (Cheesecake Factory for lunch and PF Chang tonight).

You know what else that means, don't you? When you wake up feeling ICKYickyicky (but you're not sick)?? Yes, you're right: there's NOTHING in your closet that you want to wear, and you only want to wear black. And I don't want anything to touch me -- not a smidgeon of fabric, elastic, frou-frou, sleeves, collar, belt ... the list is endless. Oh, yeah .. and because I broke my little toe at the wedding rehearsal Friday night, I can't wear any shoes.
I explain all of that to put you in the right frame of mind (insert wicked smile) to use today's word art to take care of scrapping those photos that make you look as if you feel the way I've described, even if you don't. And you know who you are!!!!!

I'd LOVE to see your layouts -- as always!

By the way, I'm only mildly "depressed" -- but I am in one of those frames of mind that Judith Viorst describes in her delightful book, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day. Meaning, I'm empathetic with Alexander: I don't want to wear my railroad pajamas, and I think I'll move to Australia.

Actually, I'm not despressed at all. I just wanted to vent a bit. :) Thanks for listening.

I still think I might move to Australia.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Love and Marriage 4

Well, I survived the wedding hustle and bustle, and filled TWO 4gb cards with photos ... and am now plunging through the onslaught of e-mails, phone messages, and all the new digital scrapbooking fun stuff that has been happening while I was MIA.

Special thanks to Leila (MagicMaker) who shared the news that she had created a bragbook, which included a layout prepared from my MMDC June's Journey kit that I made for KimB's DSO Color Challenge this month. I'm sharing the link to her blog so that you can find it yourself for your Father's Day layouts. Great job, Leila!!! Thanks so much. Take time to look through her blog because she's a very busy lady with her scrapbooking. I really like what she did with it!!

Thanks for all the kind comments about the Love and Marriage series of word art pieces. I've added to that today. Hope you don't mind.

I'll be back later today or first thing in the morning.

Blessings on your day!


Monday, June 9, 2008

Love and Marriage 3

Had to add one more set for you.

Hope you enjoy!


Love and Marriage 2

A second set of quotations for you in case I don't have time to get back online the rest of the week doing stuff for the wedding!

Happy Monday!


Love and Marriage

In our family, we're in full "wedding" mode, as one of my nephews marries his lovely sweetheart on Saturday. And, of course, a wedding means SCRAPBOOK. So I got started on some more Love and Marriage quotations to share with you.

Hope you can use them!



Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sorry, I'm Late

...but I've been out of pocket with one of my killer headaches. It's not gone but eased up.

To help make up for my absence, I've put together a Friends' Trio of word art for you that I hope you can use.

And speaking of friends, Kim Broedelet sent me this strikingly simple, stunning layout in which she used some word art I put together some time ago. {She used Mrs. Miles' Tsunami Blue kit, with a template created by Bunny Cates.)

I'll be back later today!



Monday, June 2, 2008

New Mini-Kit

June's Journey ... KimB's color challenge on DSO!

Kim chose an interesting blend of colors this time, in light of the fact that Father's Day is this month. I'm calling it "June's Journey," because June was always a special month that I shared with my Dad ... and I still miss him. The word "journey" as you see it in the preview is also a word art that is included.


The start of a new month is always a target goal to start that diet ... to stop chewing our nails ... to look for a new job ... to try a different hair color ... and so on. You know all about that, don't you.

The beginning of June also means other beginnings as well. This past week, as I mentioned earlier, I attended my nephew's graduation from high school, and his Court of Honor where he was awarded the ranking of Eagle Scout. This particular nephew of mine made the decision a few weeks ago to join the military service rather than go straight to college/university. He's very excited, and appears to have joined for all the right reasons. For that reason, we are so proud of him, yet there's an apprehension about where he may serve eventually while in the Armed Forces. I just want to hug him every time I walk by him. Although he is my younger sister's son, I claim all of my nieces and nephews as the closest thing I'll ever have to children.
In that context ... in the frame of mind it brings ... I prepared word art today about children. What precious little human beings they are ... what futures they have in store ... what a loss if we didn't have them. And how proud we are when they become responsible young adults.

Now, I've just got to get busy uploading photos to be developed from the weekend -- my camera is tired from all the activity! [not really ... I never get tired of taking photos!]

Blessings on your Monday,
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