Thursday, June 28, 2007

Today is a Holiday

Well, I'm sure it is somewhere. I'm not in the mood to be in the office today, so I'm declaring it a holiday in one of my flights-of-fancy moments. It was helped along by today's freebie, which is something we often say in our family when we're on vacation.

DOWNLOAD I'd love to hear about it if you're able to use this in any way.
Hope your day goes well, and that everyone you love is safe and sound.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

'Tis the Season...

...for traveling, that is. I adore traveling and hoard memories, photos and memorabilia from my journeys as though they were lifelines. Scrapping trips is one of my favorite kinds of scrapping to do. I don't have a trip scheduled at the moment -- at least, not one with reservations, dates, and itineraries all made. I always have a dozen or more trips planned in my imagination, and, boy, do I soar on those flights of fancy!

I thought this quotation was so inviting when I first heard it, and so true -- at least in my own experiences. I left some white space for arrows and other elements that would give it life and to customize it for your own purposes. I'd LOVE to see any layouts in which you used this, or any other elements I've posted, for that matter!

Have a blessed day. Download

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A November Day in June

Outside my office window right now, I can see the billowing smoke from a warehouse fire, and the misty gray variegated clouds from another summer shower. It looks like November outside. Too bad that in reality it's SOOOOO muggy. One of my biggest complaints each summer. My husband -- who's from England -- loves our hot Texas summers, but even he admits he hates the humidity.
Me, however? I relish rainy days -- especially when it looks like a November day in June.

Don't want to waste the day, though. I wish I could take the entire rest of the year as a sabbatical to catch up on all the designing, photography and scrapbooking projects that are whirling around in my mind. Wishful thinking doesn't hurt. :)
Hope you can use this word art some time, especially as a reminder of how precious each day is.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Friday's Coming!

I'm feeling major brain fuzz today -- and even the second gigantor cup of coffee isn't phasing it. Just wanted to put that clarification out there before I continued this post, in case I start babbling uncontrollably!
I've been out of pocket a few days and have missed out on creating anything new. I'm working on a kit, but the progress is extremely slow. I love design work but don't have as much time as I'd like, but you know that already because everyone else has the same problem. Plus it's just fun visiting other blogs learning about other people around the corner and around the world!
I know I need to spend more time redesigning my blog and enhancing/enlivening it, too, to keep up with all of you creative people out there. My younger sister is coming up in a couple of weeks for us to have a scrapbooking weekend, which we love to do, and I'm soooooo ready for the restorative respite that brings. It's so inspiring to me, personally, and you have something great to show for your time. That will get my creative juices flowing again.
Guess I've rambled enough for now. I'm passing along a quotation I've added to and paraphrased -- hope you can use this freebie. Download
Credits: fonts used are 2Peas GG Mix and 2Peas Scrapbook.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

"Tagged" Alert

Mindy (Fresh Brewed Coffee) tagged me, so I'll dutifully muddle through the 7 Things You Don't Know About Me list.

1. If you read Mindy's list, she mentions being double-jointed in two places on her fingers. I, too, share that ability, which does freak people out for some reason. Guess because I've grown up being able to do it, it doesn't bother me.

2. With one whiff of carnations, I'm immediately transported to those 15 years of piano and organ recitals -- and my extreme stage fright that always made my mind go blank. Thank goodness for "autopilot."

3. I hate watermelon -- and anything that watermelon has touched because it makes everything taste like it! Yes, I know it's unAmerican, but I just can't conform to that tradition.

4. I was Queen of Christmas in my family.

5. I've been making personalized calendars for my family LOOOOONG before it was a popular craft. Fortunately, everyone is so photogenic that I have a great selection of photos to use.

6. My favorite animal is the very cuddly Koala.

7. My favorite season of the year is Autumn. That first crisp, cool day when you can smell the scent of autumn as it crackles in the air. In my part of Texas, it may be September when that happens, but more often than not it's much closer to Thanksgiving.

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Father's Day Musings

I miss my dad very much. He went to His heavenly father in 1998 and it still is a painful memory. The saving grace, as always, is that we know he's not in pain, or stressed out, or any of those other things that our fallible human souls endure. God is so good to be the kind of Father who sacrificed His son for us all. Thank you, Father, for a very dear earthly father who taught us to love you.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

This is Just a Test

Kids are out of school now and free for the summer -- at least most of them. Ah, to be young again! :-) Their exams are finished for the rest of the school term, results are tallied and your fourth grader is officially a fifth grader now, and quite PROUD of it! If only life were that simple again. Sigh. In my family, as with thousands of others, we're being tested daily by some of life's unfortunate events. Those trial-by-fire moments that are compounded by even more trial-by-fire moments, and sometimes you feel as though you're going to collapse under the weight. I just don't know how people endure those times without their faith in a higher power. God provides, He promises. Waiting on it is really hard, though!!! I thought this reminder seemed appropriate in my life at the moment ... what about you?

Friday, June 1, 2007

Baseball, Beaches & Barbecues

In my extended family, "baseball-ese" is to be spoken in ALL CAPS at all times. But there's something about June that bring back the fondest memories, for me, when it comes to baseball. My brothers played baseball and we never missed a game in their summer leagues. Then my siblings’ sons and daughters played ... and now my sister's oldest grandson is playing T-ball. He has a great attitude about not missing practice or games because he wants to be there for his team. Unfortunately, those little ones are already faced with learning the "politics" of the sport, when the coaches forget that those precious adults-in-training need to be learning the love of the game, and about sportsmanship. How to win and to lose. How to focus on the rules and where to stand as opposed to their natural tendency at that age to lay down and take a nap in center field during the third inning. Or to use their gloves to try to catch fireflies instead of high flies. :) Baseball, beaches and barbecues are upon us. June is here! And so is a part 2 of the Summer Check paperpack I started a few days ago. Hope it adds some color to your day.

Download for Summer Check 2 paperpack.