Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Love Lines 2

First, let me thank you for all the kind and supportive comments you made about my rant yesterday -- both on Susan's behalf (Raspberry Road) and mine. I was concerned that I'd end up chasing some of you away when I spoke my mind ... but sometimes you have to take a risk.

Again, I need to reiterate that I was not speaking FOR Susan, but rather an interested bystander speaking up BECAUSE sometimes a show of unsolicited support is needed. She doesn't know me from Adam, so I hope she felt okay with it!

Here's the package of Love Lines 2 word art. I'm posting it today because tomorrow and Friday are super busy -- but I WILL try to get back before the week is out.

Thanks again,

Variations on a Theme

Working on a series of "love" quotes for those of you who enjoy scrapping all the mushy stuff. I'm putting together a series I'm calling Love Lines, in which I'll put some traditional and non-traditional Valentine-type word art in at least two versions. I don't know about you but sometimes I don't want the word art to dictate the style of layout ... and sometimes I do. Hopefully, this gives you flexibility.

I'm also going to be preparing it in at least two different colors.

Hope this works ... I realize that my explanation sounds a bit convoluted, but maybe it will make sense eventually.

For today's downloads, I started with the word art that I used in the layout I posted -- and it is a color that is compatible with KimB's Lovable kit -- all of which were mentioned in yesterday's postings. The version shown on the right in the preview is more of a crimson color.

Let's see how it works. If I hear that no one likes it in this way, I'll stop and move on to something else.

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

And Now Some Joy

I didn't intend to sound like a meanie when giving my two cents earlier ... so I hope that this addition brings a peaceful sense of joy (especially to those of you to whom my rant does not apply!!).
I wanted to do a layout using Kim B's fantabulous new kit, Lovable (which you can find at

As you know, Kim is another very generous designer, and her store at DSO is chockful of wonderful things.
Hope blessings galore come your way,

My two cents ... and a Dedication

This is dedicated to all the designers who endure the harsh, sometimes thoughtless criticism from people grabbing the freebies, gifts, free tutorials and hints ... the people who somehow think they have the right to tell you that you're not good enough to get paid for your work but then fuss at you if they can't download just one portion of the six free kits you've given them that week at no cost to them.

This has occurred frequently and for too long, in my observation. Today, I'm specifically addressing the complaints arising from a gift that Susan Darter (Raspberry Road Designs) has recently given and yet been pummeled for her efforts. Or when the digital friends of ours who take so much time and effort to direct you to these freebies get criticized because their website listings take too long to load. OMG.

People, think about it!!!!! Where else on the planet can you get so many beautiful, creative things for free, that give you and your family such joy and such a lasting memory of so many treasured times.

There are many of you who are consistently gracious to take the time to give a message or even a simple "TY" is appreciated. But it's still mind-boggling when only one-half of one percent of the people who download take that time -- much less buy the kits, as those Susan has on her site. Her work hasn't changed except to improve, and she has always been generous -- staggeringly so. For her -- or anyone -- to experience this kind of behavior and, frankly, this lack of class, is absolutely appalling.

Guess the anonymity of the internet makes you feel safe to do your bullying, does it? You know who you are, even if we don't. But think about this, too: we always have to ultimately answer for the consequences of our actions, or inactions as the case may be.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the faithful few who are always so kind, thoughtful, sweet ... and appreciative. I'd do gifts of word art any time for these special dears. :) Although I can't speak for all the designers, I suspect most feel the same way.

Have a great Tuesday,

Monday, January 28, 2008

Hey -- Monday, again???

I just wasn't ready for it. Yawn.

Hope you have a great one!


Friday, January 25, 2008


My great-nephews are all at adorable stages right now. Three of them are brothers, and their Mom allows me to take their photos whenever the mood strikes. And it strikes often!!!

The colors in the photograph shown in the layout shown here was the inspiration for my newest kit, Big Brothers. I'll always remember the precious expressions on the faces of the older two boys as they study their new little brother. With each other, they were rough-and-tumble, but ever-so-gentle with the baby.

Scrumptious and precious!

Hope you can use this kit, too. It includes two new word art pieces, for those of you who only come to my blog to get word art. :) AS ALWAYS, PLEASE DO NOT COMMIT PIRACY, OR SHARE THIS WITH OTHERS. Please direct them to this blog instead.

Have a great weekend.

Hair's Another One

I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard someone mentioned that they wished that "big hair" was back. I'm talking the BIG hair of the 80s and early 90s. One of my sisters and one of my sisters-in-law are still in mourning about that.

Yet, you still see it. At least there are still some towns in the Southern US that parade it on their streets. I'm not making fun ... just reporting facts.

Thought this word art could be used for a fun layout. Hope so!


Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Thursday That Was a Monday

As I write this today, I'm sitting at my desk with my spit-dampened row of bangs wrapped around a pencil to keep the unkempt flyaway look at bay.

It's our board meeting day and the directors and their spouses are here.

Of COURSE, my bangs are going to stick straight out. They never do this!!!

My red suit was laid out carefully on the bed.

Of COURSE, today is the day that that white-haired Westie of ours decides to nest on it while she watches me get ready for work.

No worries. One of our vice presidents pulled out a length of transparent tape and wiped me down to remove the dog's locks off my top.

Of COURSE, it was one of the vice presidents who noticed it before my assistant did.

I was late leaving for work this morning because I couldn't find my black tights that I needed to help pull together my snazzy look today with my new black boots.

Of COURSE, I couldn't find my black tights. My husband had thought they were socks and put them somewhere where I would be certain I could find them ... and didn't remember where that was.

OF COURSE, he didn't. ... and the distraction made me forget my makeup.

But wait! I have an emergency stash of makeup in my desk. Improvise, improvise, improvise, as I use my eye shadow selection to take care of my eyebrows, my eyelids, my arch under the brows ... And the pink shimmery shadow that I never use, I had to use for a blusher. So far so good, right?

Of COURSE, I couldn't find my eyeliner. Did you know that when you use a brown Sharpie permanent marker on your eyelids, that it only stings a little, and adds a peculiarly aromatic smell to blend with your perfume ... AND it will even work over the eyeshadow. Who knew.

I would try the red Sharpie as a lip liner, but it clashes with my lipstick.
And I'm afraid it would appear that I had had Botox injections. Did I mention that I have to take photos today and appear in some as well?
Time to put something stronger-holding than spit on my bangs before I'm tempted to shave my head.

At least my eyes will look good. Grin.

Hope you have a better-than-good day!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lucille Ball ... What a Blast

I have another confession to make.


She's a classic. I'll probably use some of her lines and quotations often. Today's is about getting older. She's such a hoot. I know she's not with us anymore, but, boy, is she with us in SPIRIT. Don'tcha love it?!!

Hope you enjoy this and find a great way to use it! I'd love to hear from you.

Enjoy your day,

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Why We Scrapbook

First let me apologize for being absent yesterday. A dear grandfatherly presence in my life passed away at the wondrous age of 92. It was his time to go, but these things are never easy. I couldn't get to my computer, but hope that today's gift makes up for it.
This truism about scrapbooking has not only the quotation, but also is attached to two negative frames that you can use for your photos. Hope this works. If I figure out how to add a gallery to my blog, will you start posting some of the ways you use these things.

On another note, words are not adequate to express my gratitude to those of you who have made donations. I'm hoping to get additional software to help me punch up the things I do here, and those gifts are appreciated more than you can know.

However, getting feedback in verbal form is very much welcome and sometimes inspires the next day's word art. You just never know!
Thanks again, and stay warm! (Or cool, if you're in the Southern Hemisphere)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Thoughts of Home

Happy Friday,


Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Sea Knows My Name

Perhaps it is because I do not live near the sea that I hear it calling me with its siren songs. Perhaps it is the lingering memories of sandy walks as the tide rolls in. Perhaps it is because my mother took me to the sea every day during my first two years of life and it is ingrained in me.

Whatever it is that makes it so ... the sea knows my name. This quotation lured me as well because it said so precisely how I feel. I like the thoughts I think when I'm at the sea, on a cliff looking down, looking into the distance at a light in another harbour, seeing the ghostly shape of ships at sea ... it's magic, mystical and mesmerising.

God did a wondrous thing when he created the life-giving force of the sea that mirrors the sky so beautifully.

Blessings on your day,

font credits: Henry Morgan Hand, Intimacy

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Laughter Through Tears

For those of you who want an actual "quotation," here's a new one for your collection. In our family, we frequently quote movie lines from the film, Steel Magnolias, and others. It's hard not to use them in scrapbooking, too!

Thank-yous are always appreciated.


In recent years, we told people to "Take a Chill Pill" when we wanted them to calm down, not get so uptight, etc. Today's vernacular is even simpler. "Chillax." It works for me!

Have a great Wednesday,

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I confess. I'm a MORNING PERSON. I know it drives some people crazy. I'm not a chirpy, unnaturally cheery morning person, but I am an early riser who likes to start the day quietly before the rest of the world intervenes with its whirring, buzzing, honking, grinding, jarring cacophony of sounds.

However, I know scores of people who just don't do mornings. My husband, for example. :) This is dedicated to him. Kiss, kiss.

Blessings on your day,

Acknowledgments: Atomic Cupcake action; fonts, Fire & Frakturika

Monday, January 14, 2008

With kudos to Atomic Cupcake

This word art was prepared using Atomic Cupcake Actions. I need a LOT of practice with them, so please bear with me.

I think this is a seriously fun quip credited to Bill Blass. However, I have to confess that when in doubt, I wear black!

Hope you enjoy this,
font credits: Americana, Applescruffs, Bodoni Black Squares

Reading is Essential

It frightens me how little people read anymore. It affects EVERYTHING: vocabulary, spelling, knowledge, self-awareness, world-awareness, driving, writing, etc.

Please encourage your family to read more -- and yourself, too, if you've never developed the habit. It will broaden one's horizons in extraordinary ways. It can take your mind off your troubles, teach you about communicating, help you with your scrapbooking (!!), help you learn a new language, teach you to cook more healthfully, help your children with their schoolwork ....the list is ENDLESS.

And it's one more way to take care of yourself along your life's journey.

Thanks for listening,



font credits: 2Peas Gift, Note to Self, Trumania EEN Plain, CK Sports Plain

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I Hope you Dance

Growing up in the Bible Belt of the US, dancing was very taboo at the time. One of my life regrets is that I never learned to dance. I think I would be much more at home with my body today if I had had dance lessons when I was much younger.
I know it's never too late to learn, but I feel as graceful as Jabba the Hut (from the first trilogy of Star Wars films, for you younger ones!), and just as "light on my feet" as he was. LOLOL Learning to dance is on my list of things to do before I die. In the meantime, I enjoy watching others and admire their artistry.

Hope you have a great weekend,


Friday, January 11, 2008

The Jury Has Spoken

Most of you seem to only want my word art, so here's a new one for your collection.
All the best,

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


With a bit of apprehension, I'm experimenting with this kit to see if anyone is interested enough in my work to consider it worth paying for. It's strictly on the honor system, so if you don't feel it's worthy, then download anyway. A thank-you is always nice, too!

If you are willing to make a donation, then please click on the Donate button in the far right side of the blog. It would be humbly, greatly appreciated.

This kit, Blossoming, was inspired by some photos I took of tulips in March 2007 at the Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens. They were (as always) breathtakingly beautiful. And I was quite taken with the color combinations. The kit contains: 8 backgrounds, 2 tapes, 3 scalloped discs, 4 folders, 1 border, 1 lace decoration, 1 word art ("Blossoming"; font: MA Sexy) and 2 frames.

Thanks for your support and patronage. I will post some add-on word art tomorrow to match the Blossoming kit.

Until later,

Back in the Groove

Some things are just universal -- and today's word art speaks of one of those things.
I'm not very chatty today. Busy on a special project for work but also working on a new kit which I hope to share with you later this week. It's nice to be getting back in the groove!!



font credits: 2Peas Bohemian, Pea Cammi-pea, CK OddBall 3D, LD Musical

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Escape Clause

The prevailing use of this single word gets you out of a lot of sticky situations these days. Everyone is saying it -- which means you can SCRAP it!!


font credit: VTKS Easy Way

Monday, January 7, 2008

It's not an original thought

...but it applies to numerous occasions and life-events.

Today's word art is designed to go with the mini-kit I did for the January DSO Color Challenge hosted by the fabulous KimB. Mine can't hold a candle to others who've already posted their designs, but I enjoy doing it, and always learn something -- which is the whole point of taking part in any challenge!
Here's the download for the mini-kit, which I call Softly January:

And today's word art: Live Your Best Life

font credits: MMDC Softly January Alpha 1 [Will & Grace font], VTKS Beauty

Sunday, January 6, 2008


I've often wondered which of my nieces and nephews would end up with any scrapbooks that I've made. I hope they see them as a slice of family history ... and I suspect they would. Thinking about the future hands turning the pages makes you think about your layouts differently, too, I suppose. It's a wonderful combination of recording family history with pop culture at the same time.

Sunday Blessings,

font credits: Gartentika, Grumble

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Everything Old Is New Again

How many times have you said this in your lifetime? Too many to count, I'll bet -- no matter how old you are, it always rings true. In fact, I've probably said it in my blog more than once, because it is a truth that is too evident to be ignored!

The funniest examples I've heard lately, though, are related to music. My assistant's children are begging for Led Zeppelin music for their MP3s and they are stunned to know that she went to one of their concerts once-upon-a-time. And my "baby" brother just told me that he and his son are going to a Van Halen concert soon ... ready for the next generation, I suppose, since even Eddie Van Halen's son is in the band.

My brother told me that he was taking his skater-boy son so that they could have something in common besides baseball. I took the chance to remind my brother -- who is 11 years younger than I am -- that I started watching MTV in its early years so that I could find a way to relate to this teenager that I realized was a brother I no longer knew. These days, 11 years' difference is an entire generation away. It was gratifying to hear the amazement in his voice. He never knew that, and suddenly, he thanked me for it -- 20 years later. Pretty cool.

I could think of dozens and dozens of photos that would be appropriate for today's word art. Hope you can, too!! I would LOVE to see some of your layouts.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Erma's Excellent New Year

By now, you've probably already gotten into your new year's routines and possibly already broken at least one New Year's resolution. I only made one this year: to win the lottery. They say it can't be done if you don't buy a ticket, but I'm going to prove them wrong. LOL

If you've paid any attention to my blog in the past, you know that I'm an Erma Bombeck fan. I thought this made a perfect tongue-in-cheek New Year's resolution, just for fun.

Blessings on your day,

Thursday, January 3, 2008

It speaks for itself ...

Happy Thursday!

font credits: Century Gothic, Nailed, TXT Sloppy Script, Nasty, CK Wild 'n Crazy

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Out of Sync

Thank you very much to those of you who left such kind comments during my husband's recent loss of his father.

When friends and family ask about our trip to England, I tell them that we were early to his father's funeral, and got good parking spaces twice at our hotel. Other than that, it was very surreal, very un-Christmasey, and extremely out-of-sync. Nothing catastrophic occurred, so please understand that I'm not being overly dramatic. It's just that a very exhausting, long series of inconveniences and unpleasantries both before, during and after the trip, made it an even sadder journey than we had anticipated.

Having said that, the healing has already begun for my husband, which is a very good thing.

I have a great story to share that perfectly describes the "out-of-sync" part of our trip. We had a brief layover on our return at Boston's Logan airport. I stepped over to the Starbucks to get us what turned out to be soggy turkey sandwiches and coffee -- it was clear that the employees there didn't want to spend their Christmas day at the airport any more than we did! As I was waiting through the fourth attempt to get one of them to understand my coffee order, a lady approached the counter asking whether they had any "Boston Starbucks" coffee mugs. They said, "of course," and pointed to the set of shelves nearby.

She said, "But do you have any BOSTON ones."

"Yes," they said impatiently. "They're all there."

The lady smiled and said, "but those all say Toronto. It's not even the right country!"

It capsulizes the way our whole trip went, and made us both smile through the tears.

Here's hoping that all your 2008 days are full of blessings, light and laughter.

font credits: VTKS Rock Garage Band, Miss Brooks, VTKS 36