Tuesday, January 29, 2008

And Now Some Joy

I didn't intend to sound like a meanie when giving my two cents earlier ... so I hope that this addition brings a peaceful sense of joy (especially to those of you to whom my rant does not apply!!).
I wanted to do a layout using Kim B's fantabulous new kit, Lovable (which you can find at Digital-Scrapbooking.org).

As you know, Kim is another very generous designer, and her store at DSO is chockful of wonderful things.
Hope blessings galore come your way,

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Hilmarose said...

Please don't think I was talking about great people like you!
LOL... no, I knew you weren't... I was just giving my vent too! Just makes me sick when people just grab the feebies and can't bother to even read the posts... especially the posts with the freebies in them! and then they complain and send hateful emails or post hateful comments... to me that is just evil and from only one place.. the pit of hell itself.
I love to read the posts... with or without freebies if I have the time... to me that is what it is really all about when I go to someone's blog :)