Monday, June 2, 2008


The start of a new month is always a target goal to start that diet ... to stop chewing our nails ... to look for a new job ... to try a different hair color ... and so on. You know all about that, don't you.

The beginning of June also means other beginnings as well. This past week, as I mentioned earlier, I attended my nephew's graduation from high school, and his Court of Honor where he was awarded the ranking of Eagle Scout. This particular nephew of mine made the decision a few weeks ago to join the military service rather than go straight to college/university. He's very excited, and appears to have joined for all the right reasons. For that reason, we are so proud of him, yet there's an apprehension about where he may serve eventually while in the Armed Forces. I just want to hug him every time I walk by him. Although he is my younger sister's son, I claim all of my nieces and nephews as the closest thing I'll ever have to children.
In that context ... in the frame of mind it brings ... I prepared word art today about children. What precious little human beings they are ... what futures they have in store ... what a loss if we didn't have them. And how proud we are when they become responsible young adults.

Now, I've just got to get busy uploading photos to be developed from the weekend -- my camera is tired from all the activity! [not really ... I never get tired of taking photos!]

Blessings on your Monday,
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Dinphy said...

Oh, I know this quote, I've always loved it! Now it's in a shape it looks as good as it sounds!
Thank you!!!

Dinphy said...

Oops... the download doesn't work!
It doesn't have a full url, it's just: ""
I'm now wizz, but I'll bet that would be the problem!
I'll come back later for it. ;)

Dinphy said...

Ehm, it's me again... ;)
I wanted to thank you for correcting the link so fast! I've got it, and love it!

Maria said...

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