Thursday, June 19, 2008

Playing with a Full Deck

Thanks for all the special greetings yesterday. Yes, I'm doing better ... even after eating the sinfully delicious slice of cheesecake. And I was just joking about being "down" -- but not about the pesky toe thing. I don't think it's broken but my whole foot was swollen by the time I got home ... but only mildly painful. So my big birthday dinner with hubby turned out to be a small dish of macaroni and cheese (comfort food) as I elevated my foot.

My husband got me a really cool gift. It's called AmazonKindle, a portable, wireless reading device. Until recent years, I was an avid reader, and to make a long story really short, haven't had the spirit or inclination to go to bookstores. PLUS, my husband will divorce me if I purchase any more books after our last move when I had 100+ boxes of books to shuffle around!
Kindle allows me to order electronic books through Store and downloads them to the gizmo to save until I can get around to reading them, without killing any more trees to do so. Don't get me wrong -- I still love the printed word, and won't entirely cease to buy books that I want to keep to reread, especially classics. But, like with scrapbooking, I'm a "hybrid reader" now thanks to my new playtoy. [PS: It's also one more thank that needs to be recharged ... ack!!!] So far, I've read 1.5 books on it.

Thanks so much for your kind comments about the layout I prepared of my niece, Madison. I have tons of photos to work with, so will probably share more.

I will gladly share your layouts as well, if you send them to me. Please.

Thanks for always bearing with me ... particularly to the faithful dozens who leave notes for me. I appreciate it more than you know.

Until later,



Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 20 Jun [LA 03:34am, NY 05:34am, UK 10:34am, OZ 08:34pm]).

Suz said...

I...♥"Love"♥...your stuff!!!!
Thank you…Suzee Q's Stuff

Sonel said...

Glad to hear you had a better day hon. Yes, I know how good cheesecake can taste if you're having an "off" day..LOL...but life is so short...we should make the most of it hey and who can say no to a yummy cheesecake?

Hmmm.. mac and cheese are good comfort good and you are so lucky to get an awesome birthday prezzie like that! I would love one myself. Already told hubby I want one for my next birthday..LOL! I love my ebooks as well, for the same reason you do. I love reading too but don't feel like going out to bookstores anymore and I find ebooks a lot cheaper...:-)

Well sweets, you take care of that foot of yours and have a great day and once again thanks for all the lovely and gorgeous shares! You have great talent!

Love & Hugs

Sharon Kay said...

Do you still like your Kindle...still reading on it? It sure sounds interesting!