Thursday, January 29, 2009

heartfelt season 2

here is another set available for you to order if you are interested in more love song lyrics overlays. please note that the colors are off in the preview -- everywhere you see BLUE in the preview, it's actually RED. Please consider a contribution of $2 when making your request [see Donate button in right-hand column of blog].

thanks in advance for your help,



Itsjuls said...

Hi Melanie I just made the donation for this how do I go about getting in downloaded now?

Love it!!!

I emailed your aol account using my hotmail address I know that aol doesn't like hotmail accounts so I thought I would repost it here

Debbie said...

Love this so much. Really enjoyed first selection. Can't wait for thisd lot to arrive too. Many thanks for creating and sharing. Love and Angel blessings xxx