Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What to do when the rug is pulled out from under you

Okay. Just breathe, Melanie. In. Out.



And for those of you who are friends to my blog, please indulge my fearful ramblings.

Yesterday, I learned that -- effective immediately -- my job was reduced from full-time to 16 hours a week. Of course, that means no more retirement money building up, no MEDICAL insurance, no benefits of any kind....well, you know the drill.

I'm literally having to remind myself to breathe as I try to think through all the ramifications , consequences...and the incredibly frightening loss of a steady, full-time salary. It's almost like being unemployed. And it scares me to death. I've become another statistic in these rocky economic times.

For those of you who are people of faith, I would appreciate being included in your prayer list this week as I try to regroup and figure out what to do next. My wrist isn't far enough in the healing process to be a good job interview candidate--especially since the rehabilitation is such a slow process--so that complicates things, at least for awhile. Your prayers would be most welcome...and very needed. :)

Today's word art captures a bit of my panic, so please forgive the self-indulgence. Hope you can find a fun way to use it.

Also, please remember that the TwoWords word art set is still a fun way to illustrate your layouts, if you're able to contribute $2 when you order it.

Hope your own day today is full of wonderful blessings and delightful surprises. I'd love to hear about them!

Thanks for listening.

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xashee's corner said...

You are definitely in our prayers! my hubby came home yesterday and said he was told to take the rest of the week off! his company's way of dealing with a shortage of work!! hopefully he will have work next week! (sigh) keep us in your prayers too please! :)
Have a WONDERFUL day and thank you so much for sharing your AWESOME wa!

Joy said...

Oh Mel... I am so sorry.. gosh it is happening to so many people I know. Hang in there girl.. don't let it take over you. I will add you to my prayers.

Sandy said...

I am praying for you. Having gone through 5 layoffs in our 39 years of marriage, I can assure you that God has brought us through each time. This last time we decided to go into business for ourselves - at least no box will appear on our desk with 30 minutes to gather your belongings and leave. LOL That has been 7 years ago and we are still in our Lord's hands. I pray you will be filled with His peace and be blessed with His provision.

EnchantedCropper said...

Hi Melanie ~ We don't know each other but I follow your blog from time to time I get over here. I've always got an ear for listening so anytime ... What you believe is most important right now. Believe that a new door will open, with a better place of work, a better salary, a more enjoyable position, more enjoyable people to work with. Believe. Worry is negative, prayer is positive. I will pray.

Anonymous said...

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Sonel said...

Thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers sweetie. I know how hard it is, believe me...

Just stay positive, know in your heart that everything happens for a reason and that all will be just fine..:-)

Take care sweets!
Love & Hugs

Made by Mandy said...

Unfortunately I have been made redundant twice in less than 6 months so I know how you feel being a government statistic. My husband is also out of work. We have no money coming in due to our previous employers underhand dealing with National Insurance contributions and we have so many ex-colleagues out of work it is quite frightening at the moment. The UK job market is very bleak, but we have a few savings, don't have any debts and more importantly we have each other. I am hopeful it is enough to get us through.

I am a strong believer that things happen for a reason. I am struggling to see what it is at the moment though....

makeyesup said...

So very sorry to hear about the job situation. You will be included in my prayers. The hardest part for you is to keep your spirits up as it is so easy to get down in todays hard times.

Debbie said...

Good Morning Melanie,
My prayers are with you as always. You've been so courageous with your hand and now this. Life can be very unfair sometimes.
My daughter was put onto a 15 hour week which meant her tax credits were cut too. Fortunately she was doing over 100% targets and that made up the £20 difference for tax credits.
Yesterday they were all told, after 3 months, they are going to be working 4 days (31 hours) Yeah.
Sometimes witht he help of prayer and hope, things turn around.
I really hope this happens to you, with all the problems of medical bills etc. you've had a tough ride.
Thought - could you're strong hand strangle someone!!!! LOL xxx
Want a tearaway almost 16 year old.
Love and angel blessings to you dear one always xxx

Lee said...

I will definitely keep you in my prayers. You are truly blessed to know that at times like this one must have faith and hope.

Michelle in MN said...

So very sorry about your job. I went thru a job layoff in August. At the time it was the bits. Wouldn't be nice if God would send an email and tell us what to expect......But, that is where faith comes in. I still don't have a paying job but DH did get promoted but is traveling 3-4 days a week. So with 4 kids and no help now it is a good thing I can just be at home now. I will keep you in my prayers!

Jennwhite said...

nothing else to say, except that you are amazing, and it will work out. The Lord provides, and He won't let you down now!