Thursday, June 18, 2009

blog notes behind today's word art

So, during the middle of the night, my husband rolls over to say "happy birthday." And, of course, this morning, he didn't remember doing that, and didn't remember that it was my birthday today. There are rarely any surprises -- which is okay -- because he usually tells me a day or two (or more) before my birthday what he's doing for me, or not. Don't know why he does that, but it always lets a little air out of the birthday balloon. LOL I don't get mad about it, and in fact, had planned for a "treating myself" day. Translation: taking myself out to breakfast and treating myself to a movie. [Aren't I a "cheap date"!!]

Actually, to me, our upcoming trip to visit his family in England is plenty of birthday present for me. I just love to go there, and this time, we're taking my younger sister and her husband, whom have never been. We're really looking forward to it, and I'm already working on packing a gift set of word art to tide you over while I'm away from my computer. So, look for it!

When I came across today's quotation used in the freebie word art, it seemed just right for how I remember feeling about birthdays when I was younger. There was something magical about the world the moment you woke up. Can't explain it, but I bet you know what I mean.

KimB surprised me again by posting more of my layouts on her blog. My sister-in-law wanted a photo of herself with her dog, Izzy, and KimB's wonderful new MEZZALUNA kit was a fabulous background to illustrate it.

I used MEZZALUNA for this layout as well. I highly recommend it, plus it's 25% off right now!

If today is your birthday, too, then have a great one!!!

All the best,


Pattycakes said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! Hope it's wonderful! Thanks for all that you share! :)

Dinphy said...

Thank you for sharing your story.
I sure can remember too. When waiting for next birthday took forever. A year was SO long... Now they seem to fly by.
Maybe that's part of it. If you have to wait longer, it's more magical.
So why not celebrate every two or three years... ;)
And of course, we're not gonna add a number if it's not celebrated.. I'll stay 30-something for two more years! yeah... LOL

I hope you had a wonderful day nonetheless, and picked a good movie! :)

HAPPY -belated- BIRTHDAY!!!!

Andrea said...

Hope you had a very Happy Birthday!!!... All the best and thanks for all you share with us....