Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the same things are funny

For those of you in the US, did you have a great Labor Day weekend? My husband had looked forward to it until I got him locked into attending a family function. He loves my family but wanted a break from any MUST DO thing. We were both feelin flu-ish, which didn't help, but the party/shower for my niece and her fiance turned out GREAT. My niece liked the decorations that I had prepared so much that she wants a variation of them for the programs at her wedding in a couple of weeks. I was thrilled...she's such a free spirit, gifted, lovable person and I was delighted to still be able to tune in on her wavelength! Know what I mean?

Laughter is the same way, I think. Shared laughter is such a delightful feeling...and for a moment you are all on the same wavelength, the same plane, the same level of humor that's such a liberating place to be. I had taken some pipe cleaners and those goofy eyes with adhesive backing for the little guys to play with while the gift-opening was going on. They had a blast making spiders and monsters and microphones out of those very inexpensive craft items. One of the 3-year-olds plastered a row of the eyes all along his upper lip like a mustache, with the smaller versions of the eyes spaced on his cheeks and forehead (one errant eye landed on his flip-flops, much to his annoyance). But all of us attending the party laughed aloud when the 6-year-old showed up with a pipecleaner red pointy hat and a white pipecleaner mustache/beard, ho-ho-ho-ing...the bride-to-be and groom-to-be stopped everything to join the laughter and the extra photo ops of these little guys and their antics and we enjoyed that slice-of-life moment equally, from age 3 to 76. Laughter spans generations, which is AMAZING when you think about it. Today's word art reflects that feeling. Hope you can use it!
blessings on your day,



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