Tuesday, August 26, 2008

At the end of the day ... it matters

I've got several things to discuss today, so please bear with me!

First, in response to a request by Sheri, I made the plural version of the Phenomenal Woman word art I posted recently. She had just enjoyed a gathering of friends for which she thought the phrase Phenomenal WomEn would be perfect, and asked for a special version of it. I should have done that earlier! Thanks, Sheri, for reading my blog and for your request. Download links are at the end of the post. Keep reading!

Along the same thread, Vera sent me a link where she had posted an album page on her blog, in which she used a word art I had prepared some time ago. I LOVE the way she did this. It's simple, uses the maximum amount of the page, emphasizes the people in the photo and not the art, yet it's clear she took her time thinking it through and preparing it. Great work, Vera! Thanks for sharing. She also has excellent tutorials in her Saturday newsletter, so check them out.

Now, back to Sheri for a few minutes. When I visited Sheri's blog after seeing her comment, I was immediately drawn to her life story -- at least the part that was visible at first glance. You see, Sheri is a single mother to two daughters she adopted.

It's a memory still close to the surface for me, and it often still brings tears to my eyes. I won't relate the entire story, but just let you know that adoption is a subject close to my heart. It's only been little more than a year that my husband and I learned that the adoption of a daughter for whom we had soooooo long been waiting would not come to pass. There were several factors involved in causing that huge disappointment, and that was our only chance. We deal now with the fact that we had used all the extra money that we had put away for the adoption and will be unable to do so now.

It still hurts with a pang in my heart that's deeper than words can describe. Someone else will read our little McKenna a bedtime story, and wake up to her smiles and kisses. Someone else will have the privilege of watching her play games with her friends, and teaching her how to cook. Someone else will enjoy the right to tell McKenna that God loves her and made her especially for us. She's out there -- I feel that just as surely as I feel the warmth of the sun on these hot August days.

Sheri's daughters both came from China. Our little McKenna would have come from near Beijing.

Thank you, Sheri, for the moments of pleasure seeing your adorable daughters, Mirielle and Maelynna.

With such thoughts on my heart today, I wanted to share this quote from an unknown source. I hope to see it on your layouts some day. Please.
Blessings to you and yours,


Sheri said...

Okay, Melanie - you made me cry at work!! THANK you for your lovely words, thank you for the lovely WordArts, and please please please remember: when God closes a door, for whatever reason, He leaves a window open. Keep your options -and your hearts - open. If you believe in your hearts that you are meant to be parents, you WILL be. You CAN make it happen, with Faith.



verabear said...

What a pleasant surprise to see my page on here, with your good words too. Thank you so much Melanie, and not just for your wordart, but for sharing pieces of your heart with us :)

Helen said...

Melanie, thank you so much for the word arts, especially the adoption-related one. I'm another single mom to a daughter from China (a friend of Sheri's) and your sharing brought me to tears. I do hope there's a way you can somehow realize your dream of a child.


Anonymous said...

Hi Melanie -
I second exactly what Sheri said about adoption. My DH and I never thought our house would ring with children's laughter, that we would tuck little ones in, or that we would hear tiny little voices say "I love you", but God had plans for us. Once we let go and allowed Him to guide us, there they were.
Your word art is terrific, can't wait to use some of it.

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Melanie -

I just LOVE saying your name, being you share it with both our dd and a dear friend of ours too.

You have no idea how your BEAUTIFUL comments you left for me on my blog have touched me. Thank you SO much.

Your word arts are a welcome and wonderful download - really appreciate it. Please, won't you remind me next time you update so I can come find ya? I just get so busy I can't keep track and I'd hate to miss.

Hope you are having a great day!

with warmth!

Kim B said...

Oh Melanie here you have me *tearing again*! Girl I agree with Sheri, God has his plans for you and just because that door closed ( no matter how hard) your warm and loving heart might be needed somewhere else more! Love you girl and sending you the biggest hug!
I'm feeling a bit better today- at least getting my head back-lol ( if EVER- hahaha)
MWah and more Mwahs

Maria said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the word art. I have a similar story to yours, about a boy my husband and I tried to adopt here in the U.S. The process was very long, and in the end, it did not work out. But God had plans for us, too, taking us to Guatemala to adopt our son. The one that didn't work out still pulls at our heartstrings, but our dreams came true in the end.

The financial burden is worth everything, so if you can find a way, you should realize your dream. Good luck.

Anita said...

What a touching post...I agree with Sheri(she sent me here)...keep your heart open... I had almost given up on ever becoming a Mom..and now I have 2 darling daughters. Take the time to grieve and when you are ready, you will know. I've been in your shoes. I thought there was no money for it either but then we found a way. There are grants, there are other programs .. and hey..there's always Lotto! :) You just don't know what will happen tomorrow. Don't give up on your dreams. HUGS. Thanks for your wordart..it's beautiful.