Saturday, August 16, 2008

Miracle of Life

I had to pop in and show you this precious layout Marion sent me

She wrote: "This little fellow was born prematurely at 25 1/2 weeks gestation and only weighed 2 pounds at birth. He finally made it up to 4 1/2 pounds and is at 33.5 weeks now, and is still growing every day."

She continued by saying: "the little guy is Sweet Baby James. He is my Grandson and with him is his mommy."

I absolutely LOVE the way Marion used my word art and I'm so humbled by her choosing to do so. Sweet Baby James is a precious gift to she and her family, and I wanted to share this miracle with all of you to inspire you.

Thanks, Marion, for sharing this part of your life in such a special way.

I also want to thank Sonel, who honored me with this award:

I don't know who originated this award or how long it's been circulating, but I've seen it on many other blogs the past few months and admired it from afar. It's always a lift to your spirits when you learn that someone appreciates something you've done, and then takes the time to tell you so.
Sonel, your sweet comments are ALWAYS a boon and you are generous with your thoughtfulness. I love your blog, too!!!
Now, I'm asked to least at least 7 blogs I enjoy ... I need to give it some thought to narrow it down to just 7, so will list those later. In the meantime, hope you all enjoy your weekend so far.



Sonel said...

Wow! What a gorgeous layout it is indeed hon! Just awesome and really a miracle...:-)

Only a pleasure hon. You do indeed deserve the award as you have a great blog and I just love your word just to get it to work so I can show you...but will get to that in time...:-) Just know that I love all your shares and your lovely word art always lift my spirits and give me a smile for the day, especially when I need them the most...:-) Have a great weekend too hon and thanks again for being you...:-)
Love & Hugs

Denise aka wererich said...

Congratulations Marion and congrats to you for that spiffy award!