Friday, September 12, 2008

Planting Seeds

Planting seeds of kindness, Lynette, a new friend from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, sent this fun layout yesterday; she had used one of my word art pieces. Her happy family looks well-relaxed, don't you think? Thanks, Lynette ...great job.

I had prepared today's word art before I read Lynette's e-mail. It's funny that the colors I used in today's WA could easily have matched her layout (the quote, no, but the colors, yes!). I did it the art in a folk artsy sorta style, but contrasted it with a fairytale font to accommodate the delicacy of flower petals. Hope it doesn't seem too weird -- I thought it would be useful in any autumn layouts.

Thanks, too, for the thoughtful comments left about yesterday's posting. I just couldn't get those infamous events off my mind yesterday, and it was nice to hear your thoughts as well.

My family in East Texas are gearing up for major winds and rain this weekend as Hurricane Ike sweeps upward after reaching landfall. Here in Dallas, we anticipate more evacuees, especially from Houston. I can only imagine what it must be liked to be temporarily misplaced from your home. Every time I heard on the news about a house or apartment fire, I think about the difficulties of starting over again. Or when a town is obliterated by a tornado, hurricane, or tsunami. The enormity of the rescues and caretaking would be almost overwhelming. We must all look after each other, because we're all we've got.

So, it seems like planting flowers today by donating to relief efforts around the corner from you or all around the world plants seeds for the future of our children ... and our planet.

On a much lighter note, I'm going to enjoy the weekend rain from Ike, planting my backside at my craft table to finish a scrapbook from our last trip to England. It's taking me longer because it also chronicles my husband's relationship with his family there, and his feelings (good and bad) as we attended the memorial service for his father. I'm including some old black and white photos of his parents, so hope it helps him through the process of loss. That's one reason I've been postponing the completion because he wasn't ready to talk about it again.

Oops ... I just realized that my "much lighter note" got sidetracked to something more serious. Sorry about that. Guess I had a jumble of things on my mind this morning and it's coming through my fingers as I type. That's why you have the scroll bar on your screen, huh?!!!!

Be safe ... and blessings to you and your family,



Lynette said...

Hi Mel...what a pleasant surprise to see my layout on your blog...and your wordart today will be a hit as well. Blessings to you my new friend.

Brandi's Creations said...

Lovely word art today. Thanks for sharing!
Be safe!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 13 Sep [LA 12:44am, NY 02:44am, UK 07:44am, OZ 05:44pm] ).