Friday, May 30, 2008

The Art of Giving

I went to the funeral of a friend on Wednesday -- someone I had known for more than 20 years. She passed away four months after learning that she had pancreatic cancer. What an insidious predator that is.

She suffered, as did her family. In the early stages of her illness, she continued to show her sparkly self, declaring that the good thing about getting to heaven would be that she would be healthy, finally -- and SKINNY. She loved that idea, having struggled with her weight the past two decades.

One of the many great things about her was that over the past few years, she learned sign language, so that she could help people. She even used it when her church began sending groups of people on mission trips to Myanmar, to a children's home there, where the hearing-impaired children learnd about God for the first time. She gave much so that they could "hear," and she loved every minute of it.

Today's gift word art is in her memory, and in celebration of her life.

So, what is your weekend like? We have a high school graduation to attend, and an Eagle Scout Court of Honor to attend -- both of which I'll be photographing as well. Rites of passage are so important, and I look forward to helping my sister scrapbook these events for her youngest son. How fun is that!!!

I've got a backlog of scrapbooking to do, myself. I tend to be a "hunter-gatherer," collecting all the paper, digital art, elements, embellishments, shiny stuff, vintagey stuff, fun stuff, glue sticks, photos, postcards, etc., that we use to make our albums even more beautifully memorable ... then I stare at the bags and piles of stickers, rub-ons and what-not, just WILLING it to leap into some organized fashion all its own ... then awhile longer, I take, to mull over the process that I'll use on this one ... then some time later, I'll finally dive in, after I'm sure I have everything I need. The next day, I'll then make a run to at least two craft stores to find something else to make the album perfect ... there's no such thing as having everything you need, huh, when you're as obsessive-compulsive as I am about it, I guess. :)

I'll probably pop in later today with another word art for you, so check back. In the meantime, have a splendid day.


Thursday, May 29, 2008

You may disagree ...

... but this quotation does NOT apply to me. When I expound on something, it's just because either (1) I feel passionately about the topic and express my point of view to persuade/inform others or (2) it just needs to be said, whether I do the talking or not!! For me, talking about nothing at all is exhausting, with a capital E, and I don't do it well.
The author [Oscar Wilde] of this quote was a prolific writer/playwright, who had MUCH to say, some of which was quite amusing.

However, we ALL know someone -- ages 9 months to 99 years -- to whom this applies tenfold. Am I right??!!

As always, I would greatly appreciate seeing any layouts you prepare using this or other pieces you've downloaded from my site.

PS Tomorrow is Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Katy Believes

Today's word art is in honor of KimB, whose very close friend is moving soon. There's so much truth in it, I think.

I'm also posting a layout I prepared using a collaborative kit from DSO; it's called "I Believe," designed by Kim Broedelet and Bunny Cates. You must check it out -- it's stunning!!! It's a memorial gift they made after their friend, Jazzy, lost her daughter; it's a sparkling, ethereal tribute to this daughter who is so missed.

Anyway, last Saturday I did a bridal portrait photo shoot of my soon-to-be-niece-by-marriage. When we came across this wooded area I knew any photos taken in it would be wonderfully displayed using the "I Believe" kit. I call this layout, Katy Believes.

Katy is a beautiful woman, inside and out, and our family welcomes her with open arms. She and my nephew are getting so excited.

I was testing a new digital camera with the shoot, and was sooooooooooo pleased with the results. Now, I just need to get some photo shoots for clients that pay so that the camera pays for itself!

Hope your day goes well,


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

For Your Tomboys

Here's the additional word art promised, for girls. I decided to use the Boy Truth quotation and just make it "Tomboy."

I'll do something girly later. :)

Hello, again!

Looking back on my blog yesterday, I realized that I forgot to put a note to tell everyone that I was on vacation last week. I always take a week off in May, just before the school kids are out. My husband and I ended up staying at home instead of the Colorado trip we'd planned -- but his time was cut short because he ended up being asked to go to work for a competitor right away. Because it was both a promotion and a significant pay increase, he leapt at the opportunity. So, I enjoyed a much quieter week than I'd thought, which isn't a bad thing.

I've had several questions, comments and other requests to which I need to respond, so I'll just launch into that right now.

BLINKIE: I've actually had a request for a blinkie for my blog! I've thought about that several times, but to be honest, don't know how to do it!! I'm not particularly happy with my blog header, so know I need to redesign that, and I was waiting on that to get a blinkie done. If anyone has any ideas about that, please let me know! I know there are tutorials out there for all kinds of things, but I just haven't taken the time to figure out the whole blinkie issue.

Two readers pointed out to me (thanks, Sharon and Starla) that the word art I hurriedly posted just before I left for vacation had a typo on it. So, a corrected version's download link is below. I'm so embarrassed about it, because the incorrect ways people use "it's" and "its" is a real pet peeve of mine; I got caught out because of the old copy and paste thing and didn't proof it as I usually do. Thanks so much for catching it!!!! DOWNLOAD: Boy Truth (corrected)

Jan, I do plan to do a "girl" version similar to the Boy Truth quotation. Actually, I had planned to do it at the same time, but ran out of time. Thanks for your request -- I'll try to get that posted later today as soon as I find one that I really like.

Denise tagged me!!! I will add my responses to today's posting as soon as I get a chance to go grab another cup of coffee. :) Denise, you're a one-woman cheering squad, and I greatly appreciate all your kind comments and "atta-girls." Thanks, too, for noticing I was absent, D.

Also, I've had requests for some other word art pieces that have links that are no longer active. I will get to those this week as well.

Lisa Campbell sent me this layout using the bird song quotation. It's beautifully done. Thanks, Lisa!!!

Lisa also sent this gorgeous layout in direct response to my shameless begging. You'll notice that she split the word art to accommodate her layout, and I think it works beautifully:

I must also show you this layout sent to me by Stephanie B, using the recent Ocean word art. Isn't it awesome?!! And I don't use the word awesome unless I really mean it. :) Thanks for sharing, Stephanie.

In the meantime, it's great to be back online and in the digi-scrap community. Now, I need to go check out what I missed on my favorite blogs and shopping sites! Have a great Tuesday. See you again, soon.
PS: Oh, yeah ... here's today's new word art. It made me chuckle.

Blessings on your day,

Monday, May 26, 2008

Friday, May 16, 2008

Bonus Word Art today


The Rest of the Story

You've probably heard today's quotation a number of times. But it certainly bears repeating.

And filling in the rest of the quotation by J. C. Watts:

There are too many people who think that
the only thing that's right is to get by,
and the only thing that's wrong is to get caught.

Character is not something you buy ... it's something you HAVE. Please use it wisely, and teach others to do the same. It's a gift beyond measure.

And speaking of gifts ... two of my readers shared their layouts with me!! It took me only 200+ posts to get them. :) But what a gift to me to see them being used.

Zan shared this layout from an earlier freebie word art -- I think she certainly captured the spirit of the quotation, for sure!! Thanks, Zan.

And how cute is this layout from Sue E. where she used Wednesday's word art!! I love to go to dance recitals where the smaller dancers are performing -- they are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E.

Thanks for sharing, ladies!!
Blessings on your day,

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Don't get me started ...

I'll spare you my major soapbox litany on the art of listening today! Hope you can enjoy this word art and us it in some special way.

All the best,


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Celebrating dance

You're going to make me beg, aren't you.
Heavy sigh.
Okay ... here it is:
Please, PLEASE, PLEASE send me your layouts using this or any other word art you grab from this site. I don't think it's too much to ask!
Thanking you in advance,

For Coffee Lovers

Thanks for indulging my soapbox rambling yesterday. Patty, I appreciate your comments very much -- it made me feel great that someone actually read my posting, and that I wasn't alone in these concerns!

For those who expressed concern about the birds and their eggs, yes, they are completely safe from the dogs. We wouldn't have allowed them to finish their nest if there was any chance they'd be harmed. PROMISE!

I'm working without my lights on today, so that I can enjoy the stormy weather. It's like a movie sometimes, seeing all the lightning. Yesterday -- although it was very humid outdoors -- from the inside looking out, it almost looked like it was a dreary winter day. Didn't make me feel the humidity less, though!!

Over the next few days I'm in search of a more advanced digital camera. I think my SLR has bitten the dust, and I have a bridal portrait shoot next week, and a wedding photo shoot next month, so I guess I'm going to need to get a new one. I HATE when unexpected expenses come along because it's never at a good time financially. That seems to be the norm, though ... and just the way life goes for us lesser mortals. :)

So, what's on your mind today?

Blessings on your day,


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

True Colors

To me, this is yet another quotation that can be interpreted in more than one way. Today, I'm thinking of it as a reminder that we should do what we are meant to do ... be who we are meant to be ... live as we are meant to live.

Over the past week, my husband and I have been watching with interest as a pair of small birds crafted a nest on our patio. It's just a very small space -- but (Lesson 1) they only took what they needed; no more, no less.

They have been flying away from the nest each time we walk outside, or the dogs go outside. And that gave us a chance to go just a bit nearer to study the nest's construction. It's not the standard nest that you may see in a tree, but rather one that they have woven together twigs in a basket pattern and "mortared" them with wet clay that dried into a sturdy home for them. They took only what they needed -- again -- with an economy and respect for the earth that we should all practice.

Now that they have a new mission -- doing what birds do -- they are vigilant, tending to incubating the fragile eggs so carefully placed there. (Lesson 3) They're very protective, and you can already look ahead to the time that they have a chirping baby in there that needs to be nurtured and taught. Everything those parental birds do will teach their young the life lessons they need to survive and thrive. (Lesson 4)

One of my great concerns is that many of our youth are not being taught any of these life lessons. The young teens of today are being parented by yesterday's youth, who were not always taught the basics like social skills, respect for others and the property of others, the value of life. On the local news yesterday they showed two pre-teen girls going at it on the playground and a knife was flashing between them. These were just CHILDREN, for pete's sake.

Please forgive my rambling thoughts today. I'm truly burdened by the thought that -- although the opportunity is out there -- not everyone will have the chance to be who they are meant to be, and instead life will become a hardened, scary place for the children of the world. It doesn't have to be that way.

Now that I've put these thoughts on "paper," so to speak, I'm going to try to pay more attention to the lessons from these tiny birds I've mentioned today. I haven't figured out what they are just yet, but will take photos when I can do it without scaring them away, and try to identify them. Their little lives have meant something to me -- now I need to do something that means something to others as I work harder on being who I am meant to be.

How about you????

Blessings on your day,

Monday, May 12, 2008


With tragedies like the losses from the quake in China and the recent typhoon in Burma, we immediately are reminded of the precious, priceless gift of life ... and how fragile it is.

Today's word art gift reflects these thoughts.

Blessings to you and your loved ones,


Friday, May 9, 2008

Explanation Required

Passionately, I detest piracy.

Yet, yesterday, I discovered that I was unwittingly guilty of it. Mea culpa ... mea culpa. Thanks to a reader who was on her toes, my feet were knocked out from under me (in a kind way!) when she pointed out that under the TOU for Lettering Delights, I was not allowed to use their products for anything other than personal use. It had been so long since I had purchased the alphabet that I used, that I had forgotten. So, sharing the "Laughter is an instant vacation" word art with you in the manner it was done was highly inappropriate, and I deleted it from the 4Shared posting altogether.
For those of you still wanting it, I will re-do it in a different -- but legal -- way.
For those of you dropping by to pick up something new, I have this piece. Another truism, that's for sure!



Thursday, May 8, 2008

To make up for the inconvenience...

... of downloading the Teenager word art, I'm adding another one today. :)

Thanks for your comments!!!! I really, really, REALLY appreciate them.

All the best,



I'm assuming that 4Shared won't let anyone download today's word art because of the word "Velcro" being a copyrighted product.

Just let me know if you'd like it and I'll send it to you via e-mail. OR, YOU CAN RIGHT-CLICK ON THE WORD ART IN THIS POSTING AND SAVE IT THAT WAY.

Sorry about that!!!!!!


Does 2-1-1 mean anything to you?

When I realized it was my 211th post today, I was trying to figure out why the number sounded familiar. 3-1-1 is a number you dial in the US for non-urgent calls to the police. Punching in the numbers 4-1-1 sends you to directory assistance. And, of course, 9-1-1 will get you emergency assistance in times of crisis.

So, I did what any modern woman would do -- I "googled" it. It appears that 2-1-1 is a number that you can key in anywhere in the US to search for information/guidance about any human service issues (health care, advocacy, etc.). Who knew???!! I didn't, that's for sure. There's a national collective that's trying to make this "universal" in the US, apparently, even in the smallest of towns. Good to know, huh.

Of course, for anyone having a birthday or anniversary today -- and you know who you are -- I'm certain it's a quite meaningful day.

Yet, there's still a niggling feeling that it's a significant number to me personally for some reason. And still, I wonder ... trying to remember ...

As the King of Siam (as interpreted by actor, Yul Brynner) said in the film, The King and I: "Is a puzzlement."

SPEAKING OF PUZZLEMENT, today's word art deals with the mystery of teenagers. Hope you can find a use for it! I thought it was fun.

Blessings on your day,


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Everybody Say Amen!

Special thanks to LETTERING DELIGHTS for their oh-so-fun alphabet that I used in this word art (Color Doodles). The font used was Cocktail.

This was inspired this morning by a photo my assistant showed me of her baby granddaughter just laughing for no apparent reason. Don't you love it when they get the giggles??!!! You cannot NOT laugh at those moments. Of course, much more often, I'm laughing at myself for something stupid I did/said. I'm increasingly mangling words -- I'm blaming it on the nearby birthday. Birthdays are the cause for lots of issues, if you ask me!!

Hope you enjoy this!



Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wise Guy

The great Mahatma Ghandi was a very wise man. Selfless, too. I remember reading this quotation when I was very young, and it's stuck with me all that time.

And it's no less true today!!

I'm glad some of you seemed to enjoy yesterday's quotation. It's just way too true!!!!!

Blessings on your day ....


Monday, May 5, 2008

To Help Us Reflect

I've taken a day of vacation today because, frankly, I needed the break. I plan, among other things, to work some more on the scrapbook from our trip to England at Christmas. It's difficult to do because it was not like any other trip we've made there. I'm still hoping to get my husband to put his thoughts about losing his father on paper to help him through the grief process. I've already incorporated old photos of his father with him as a baby.
I will include photos of my husband with his mother, too, this time. I never met my husband's mother because she passed away before we met. We visited her grave in December, and it brought on a fresh sorrow to him because he misses her so much.

I think it's one of the many wonderful aspects of scrapbooking that we can record both joyful and sad memories ... to help us move on, to help us look back, to help us reflect, to help us mourn, and to help us remember. How precious life is!

Today's word art has nothing to do with what I've just said ... but hopefully it will make you smile. It made me chuckle when I found it ... and it certainly is a good way to start a MONDAY.

Blessings on your day,

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hope Your Day Is ...

For some reason, this WA didn't look right in PNG, so I'm giving it to you in both jpg and png files. Hope you can find a use for it!

All the best,



Thursday, May 1, 2008


I started this kit in one direction, then went in the other as I attempted another one of KimB's color challenges at DSO. Although her color palette for May is beautiful, and her challenge gift GORGEOUS, it's a color grouping that I don't use as often as I thought, once I got started on it. Anyway, here's the results in this higgledbypiggledy attempt. I loved the quotation and added it to this MMDC Mother May I? kit in hopes that it would make it worth your time to download.

Hope you can have some sort of fun with it. Be sure to stop by DSO to grab freebies from other people who participate in this challenge. There are often some fantastic, creative things that are soooooo easy to use, and delightful, too.



Sparkling New Month Arrives

Wow ... it's still springtime and we have a fresh new month -- both signs of renewal. Try to think about something that will help you and your family start something new this months. Something that will help you find time to do something together ... do something for others ... do something for the environment. Even if it's something as simple as planning a family game night at home. Or sharing a meal together each night for a week. You'll be so glad you did.