Thursday, October 23, 2008

Heart Sings

I want to share something that a reader named Ruby wrote yesterday, in response to the word art. I think she spoke delightfully about what scrapbooking means to her, and I share her sentiments:

What a blessing scrapbooking has been to those of us who do it; to those who read it, and to generations to come. I look at old albums with no names, no details, and there is just blankness; I look at an album lovingly filled with emotions, memories and my heart sings.

My husband has told me many times how much he loves the scrapbooks I do for our vacations. I include a lot of journaling and bits of photos of even the tiniest things that make each page a collage and a portrait of those five minutes ... that day ... that week of our journey. He "gets it" -- for which I'm profoundly grateful. He understands that reading the scrapbook is like taking the journey all over again, with all its sights, sounds, smells, adventures, rain, signs, people, history, authenticity and HEART. Memories. My heart sings, too, Ruby.

On another note (pun intended), I love the exuberance with which most children approach life. One of my little great-nephews often dances to a tune that only he can hear, but we smile and laugh and adore him every time. May they never outgrow it!!!

Blessings on your day,



Nikki in Spain said...

I just wanted to say thanks for all your wonderful word art. I haven't found the time to do anything wiith the bits I have yet but the wintr is comming and I will get to it.
When I have done some I will send you them to see
Thanks again

Dinphy said...

Now there's a response to blog for! I bet your day was made! :)

Thanks for the great new wordart, I can imagine a bunch of photo's it will work with!

Lynette said...

Thank you once again for your beautiful art. It inspires me to scrap things I would not normally.

Anonymous said...

I love this one. Music is very important and this one just fit perfectly for some pictures I have. Beautiful and so different! Thanks you for sharing your talent with us.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful word art. Music is a basic in our lives. Also, I love what Ruby wrote about Scrapbooking. I am trying to identify old photos and it is really tough. I made books for our kids and my husband loves them even though he doesn't really like the whole scrapbooking thing. When they arrived he said he giggled all the way through the book (I wasn't home at the time.) Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful description of scrapbooking. I'm hoping that's exactly what my family thinks.

Thank you too for the darling wordart... Perfect for my little grandson. This gift is appreciated.

J9 said...

Your description really resonated with me today. Well done. I also really needed to remember the words of your favorite scripture. Thank you for that, it really helped today.
I was helping my grandson with his 3rd grade journal homework, and was delighted with his artwork. The biggest thrill was watching him just draw away without any hesitation of "I can't do that" that seems to come later. He even put parethesis around the dog's tail to show movement. I loved that. So free and confident.
I hope to become more 'childlike' in my scrapbooking perspective.
Thanks again.

Ladye said...

My little Grandson has always reacted to music in a very active way, he has always moved with the rhythm and as he began to walk he made up dances that are different for each song. Sometimes he even does a dance when we do not hear the music, but that is ok, because he brings so much sunshine into everyone's life and a smile to their faces. Thank you for this word art, I am certain it will find it's way into one of my many pages of our little boy.

Simone said...

Hi Mel, I agree with Ruby and she said it beautifully, as you do with your beautiful word art, I love the work that you do which helps us all create more beautiful scraps.