Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Loves us anyway ... Love yourself anyway

For KimB, whose most treasured friendships start at home. For anyone participating in the DSO October Color Challenge, this first word art posted today uses two colors from the palette KimB chose.

This next one, I did for myself. I've battled with low self-esteem issues my entire life -- and I needed this kick-in-the-pants today.

I've recently received a couple more awards. Please know (to those who nominated me) that I'm not ignoring your gift. Just very distracted with other things at the moment. And my computer time is still limited because my back is still giving me fits!

Blessings on your day!


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Kim B said...

LOL- GF, I LOVE it! And I think that goes for all my friends too- hahahaha
Thanks so so much- and chin up Mel- you are special- to a LOT of people!

Sonel said...

Oh, they are just awesome hon! And so very true! Thanks so much!!!!

Yes, will we ever get rid of low self-esteem issues? A good kick-in-the-pants for me too sweets. Thanks! :-) And Kim is soooo right! You are special to a LOT of us! :-)

I do hope you are feeling much better today hon. I do know what you are going through and it's no fun..especially if you have the need to create and you can't. Sending you lots of good energies and healing so you can get better quickly...:-)

When you feel lots better and have the time, check out the questionnaire I tagged you with..LOL! You can find it on my blog...

Take care and have a wonderful day!
Love & Hugs

Joy said...

AMEN sister.. you did this at the right time... thank you.