Tuesday, October 14, 2008

There's gotta be a story ...

... about this piece from Sonel, in which she used a recent word art I made for this blog. Too funny, but sweet.

I KNOW there's a story behind this layout, shared by Denise R. It's a true romance ... with LOTS of traveling. :) Thanks so much, Denise. GREAT job!

Sonel also sent this brightly cheerful layout. I just love to see older children interacting with babies. It's sooooo sweet. Thanks so much, Sonel!!

And, Lynette had the PERFECT photo for this quotation. That baby appears to be patiently waiting for grandmother to take her nap until the next round of diapers-bottles-playtime-bathtime-exercising the lungs time. Such a sweet layout. Thanks very much, Lynette for sharing this with us.

I have to apologize for today's word art, especially after seeing all the very nice ways you've used it in the past. Today's is a bit messy -- but it made me smile (and I could relate!!!), so you just have to suffer through it.

Because there's a registered brand name in this, I can't upload it to 4Shared. To get it, just right-click on the image and save it.

As always, I enjoy hearing from you and seeing your work. I hope to catch up this week and make up the days I missed last week, so maybe you will find more treats? :)

All the best,



Kim's Scrappin' said...

What lovely layouts today!! And that wordart is great!! LOL I so enjoy your wordart. I have something for you no my blog

Dinphy said...

Oh, thank you so much for making me smile today! Love the quote, and the wordart you made with it. Thank you!

Kim B said...

hee hee- yeah, don't forget the mini swiss rolls, and my crisps too- HAHAHAHA
Tooo funny, and so appropriate for me this week ( oh and last)-lol
Been eating us out of the house lately- ROTF!
Thanks so much Mel - this is STUNNING!
Stunning LO's and so good to see how people have used your awesome word art!
Sending very early morning hugs today


Anonymous said...

lol this is funny :)
thanks for all your hard work and kindness

Sonel said...

Oh wow! Denise and Lynette had some awesome layouts! Thanks for sharing with us Mel. See how your wordart inspire us? :-) Thanks again hon. Glad you like the headers I made...:-)

Hope you are feeling much better hon!
Love & Hugs