Monday, October 20, 2008

Time Machine

Happy Monday, everyone. The weekend was WAY too short for my liking -- as always. If only someone would pay me to stay home to do whatever I wished. :)

A special thanks to those of you who left comments about the Warhol's October kit. Glad you didn't think it was too weird an idea!!! I GREATLY APPRECIATE hearing from you.

Sonel also brightened my weekend with the two wallpaper layouts she prepared using word art I'd given everyone. These are two of her handsome sons. Nice use of colors with the photos! Please check out her site for the credits.

Today's blog entry is short and sweet. Hope your day goes splendidly!!



ladybug987 said...

Thank you! This is lovely.

AnneMarie said...

thanks so much! I want to put this on a card!!

Linda said...

Love this quote -- thanks so much!

Sonel said...

Thanks sweetie. Glad you liked what I did with your awesome wordart...:-) I enjoy it so much...

Have a great day and thanks for the lovely wordart as well...:-)
Love & Hugs