Monday, October 26, 2009


Hello, all...hope this October day brings you joy. I had a fun weekend with an unexpected visit from my oldest niece and her family. Her three sons are great and we enjoyed watching them relish playing in the PERFECT weather we had all weekend. [Rainy this morning, after a stormy night, but the weather was perfect when we needed it!]

As boys do, they played all sorts of games; but in one particular game that involved a battle of sorts with foam swords, the oldest one (age 8), yelled to his "troops"....Retrieve! Retrieve! Retrieve!

We couldn't help but laugh at his version of the battle cry, "Retreat!" :) We never did correct him because, to be honest, we were impressed that he even knew the word retrieve. Don't you just love the way shared laughter makes you feel? :)

The lovely Kate sent me three recent terrific layouts she had done, using my word art. Thank you so much, Kate, for sharing these with us! Her daughter is newly pregnant and she wanted to commemorate the glowing lovely that she is.

I'm celebrating this favorite time of year myself with the addition of two new alphabets to my Divine Digital store. Click on the preview images below to take you to my shop...



Hey, this just occurred to's a thought for an advertisement slogan for my still-new store: RETRIEVE! RETRIEVE! RETRIEVE! [laughing by myself at my computer] Hope you like the new alphabets, at least enough to stop by the store and take a look. One of the word art sets I started with has been reduced to 20% off, so check it out, please! "Retrieving" them may just be the perfect thing you need for your layouts. :) A shameless plug, I know.
Hope your week begins well...I'll be back soon with another freebie!

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