Monday, December 8, 2008

Love in Action

I can't believe I'm already asking this, but how was your weekend? I have NO idea where it went. I think time is going so quickly because -- for one thing -- my assistant is out. Her daughter was in a serious car accident during the Thanksgiving holidays and I've been preoccupied with that, and trying to be as supportive and as encouraging to my assistant as possible. There was a fatality in the accident (her daughter's friend), and such sobering reminders of the fragility of life just blow you away some times.

As crazy as it may sound, being able to do things like this blog online, and particularly to read other blogs, help me personally keep grounded during such trials. And if I'm grounded, then I can help others as well. The daughter is home from the hospital now and slowly recovering. She has no idea how long her healing of body, spirit, mind will take ... and how close she came to losing her own life. This has been a wonderful opportunity for her mother to tell her that God isn't through with her yet, and that He has something in mind yet for her to do.

It shouldn't take tragedies and near-misses to get us to that point of being open to God's leading, but in our stubborn human selves, we think we can do it on our own. God's love in action makes certain that we are not alone, if we but ask.

Not coincidentally, I received in my e-mail over the weekend this sweet, meaningful layout from Sonel. As you can see, she used word art that I had shared some time ago ... it uses a phrase in a Rascall Flatts song. That was the theme of my sister's wedding ceremony to her high school sweetheart two years ago today. Thank you, Sonel, for sharing this lovely layout with us all. By the way, you should check out Sonel's blog -- she has some very cheerful word art on it and other things you'll enjoy.

Here's a reminder, too, about the Christmas music lyric overlays featured in my Faithful Season 1 and Faithful Season 2 packs. You can order them individually (for a suggested donation of $2 each) or together for a requested gift of $3.00. I greatly appreciate your consideration in this. Look at last Friday's post for more information about these word art overlays.

I'm sharing two new freebie word art pieces today for your Christmas collection. I would be delighted to see how you use them!!!

This quote is attributed to Dale Evans:
Thanks for stopping by!
Blessings to you and yours today,


Anonymous said...

Thanks Melanie; I've been looking for quotes from inside of my cards. These will work great.

Anonymous said...

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Pattycakes said...

Thank you for the wordart!! :)

Arianna said...

I just had a look at the Faithful Seasons I got yesterday and they are gorgeous! I was singing the songs in my head while reading. What a great idea you had. They are worth every penny I spent.
I'm gonna find out if I can print them for my windows this year (after the big cleaning of the house I have to make, I know I'm out of time by now)
Tnx a lot, Ari

Elaine said...

Love the Santa quote. Thanks for sharing!

Shelley said...

Thanks so much.

Sonel said...

LOL sweetie..and here we are already through another weekend and I do hope yours went better than last weekend..:-) Sorry to hear about your assitant's daughter. I do hope she is doing better now..:-)

I agree hon..we should be thankful for everyday and do everything with love..:-)

Thank you for the lovely compliment hon and for sharing my layout and just for being such a precious and sweet person hon. You are an inspiration to all..:-)

Thanks for all the lovely wordart as well. You have such a great talent!

Take care and have a wonderful day!
Love & Hugs

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your WA. The messages are always very meaningful. So kind of youu to share. Cathy

Anonymous said...

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xashee's corner said...

i am totally LOVING your blog and CREATIVE wordart! Thank you so much for sharing such fUN! Hope you have a GREAT day! :D